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Because there's more to life.

North Eleven connects you to a more customized, creative, innovative solution to health-care, personal comfort and outdoor/eco experiences in Trinidad and Tobago.

Take the journey to discover how we can empower you to LIVE, WORK, PLAY and BE at your fullest potential.

We will bring your ideas to life and develop them into the kind of experiences your customers will remember and value. We have a unique approach to solving challenging situations and improving the levels of service you already provide. Our comprehensive skill set, products and technologies can transform the way you do business in the medical, marketing, construction/design and tourism sectors.

Knowledge Base

We support our products and services with education and end user applications for doctors, hospitals, architects, designers, event planners and other end users.

Top of the Line Product lines

We'll give to access to some of the most trusted international brands and technologies in health-care equipment and furniture, mood enhancing interior furnishings, outdoor eco recreational activities, promotional and guerilla marketing solutions.

Think Tank

Do you have a problem you can't solve? Are you sometimes out-performed by your competition? Do you want to gain and keep the competitive edge? We'll work closely with you to develop and provide you with the best solution available anywhere in the world. That's a guarantee.

Sleep Apnea Specialist

We are certified Sleep Apnea Specialist servicing the English and French speaking Caribbean. We offer education, testing and treatment of all sleep disorders.

See for yourself how north eleven is bringing the latest industry specific innovations and technologies to Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean.